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Before we add the Gems, Gold & Food to your account you need to VERIFY that you are human and not a software(automated bot) to prevent user's from abusing our generator.

After successfull completetion of the offer, the Gems, Gold & Food will be addded to your account in just few minutes.


    1 Click on "VERIFY".

    2 Choose any offer and complete it.

    3 Check your Dragon Mania Legends account for the Gems, Gold & Food.

Connect to Dragon Mania Legends Account

Enter Dragon Mania Legends username.

Dragon Mania Legends Generator

Select amount of Food, Gold & Gems to add to your account and click 'Generate'.

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    Dragon Mania Legends Hack

    This Dragon Mania Legends hack is for users of iOS and Android. It will give you the ability to get unlimited Food, Gems and Gold for the game. The good thing about our Online Generator is that you can use it anywhere as there is no need to connect your device to it by USB. This takes away the risk from getting a virus from downloading a file to your device.

    All you need to do to get resources for your Dragons Mania Legends account is to go the top of this page and enter the email address of your Facebook account or G Plus account in the provided panel. Then select your platform from the drop down box. You can turn on encryption if you wish, this will use a private proxy when you do this. But we have found out from our own testing that is does not really matter if you use private proxies or not as your account will always get updated safely anyway. We have just added it in there as an extra precaution and mostly because people feel better about using the generator when they see the word encryption. Our Dragon Mania Legends hack generator uses encryption anyway with selecting this. Now just click on the Connect button and wait for your account to be connected to the simulator.

    Once connected you then select your resources from the Food, Gold and Gems drop down boxes and click on the Generate button. The Dragon mania hack simulator will then securely connect you to the server whilst taking the information you have entered and processing it through an encryption service.

    To prevent people from abusing the generator (mostly requests from automated bots) we require human verification at this point and will require you to spend a minute of two to fill out a survey. Once this has been completed the resources will then be added to your account.

    If you are having any issues with using our Dragon Mania hack please use the contact form and we will get back to you with a fix. But before you contact us please make sure you have put in the Facebook email or Google Plus account. Sometimes the generator will require a small patch once in a while and this might mean that it will not work for a few hours. If this does happen comes back and try again in an hour or two. You can also scroll up this page and watch our YouTube video on how to connect to and generate resources.

    There is no limit on how many times you do use our Dragon Mania Hack and you can safely add as many resources to your account as you like. You will see that some game hacks do put a limit on the amount of resources you can buy. It all depends on the game itself and we have found that with all the Gameloft games there is no need to limit the amount of resources people use for any of their games. There is no risk, just use the generator and collect your resources and continue to play this game.

    What the Dragon Mania Hack will mean for you

    The Dragon Mania Legends Hack gives you the chances to buy dragons that you would not get the chance to with just playing the game. The best way to see every dragon the game has to offer is with an online resource generator and with the dragon mania legends hack you will be able to feed your dragons as much as you want bringing them into adulthood and making them very powerful in the game. The most basic dragons in the game like the Fire Dragon will set you back 100 gold, but the Legendary Dragons like Archangel Dragon will cost you over 3500 gems. Of course you can breed different dragons to give you other breeds, but as you know this does take time.

    There are 6 Academy levels in the game, level 6 is an upgrade time of 15 hours to unlock and 4,000,000 gold. If you want to be a successful Viking in the game then you are going to need to use a hack. The people you see online with huge scores are always using a dragon mania hack. Why would you not use one? Game developers like Gameloft know that their games will be hacked and they do not care as it is part of the fun of gaming. For as long as games have been around there have always been hacks and cheats for them and now with games being on Android and iOS is it not different. People want to play games like Dragon Mania Legends and open every level and buy every dragon and resource that the game has to offer. So that is it have fun with this dragon mania hack and have fun breeding all those lovely dragons and putting them into battle.

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